Sunday, 13 November 2011

Waxed Parquet Block Floor is Sticky and Picks Up Dirt

Hello and Welcome to another Woodfloor-Renovations Blog Post.

Today I'll show you a couple of pictures from a recent Floor Sanding job of ours and explain a few things that many end users often do and wonder why what they have done looks rubbish and doesn't last.

Our client had previously done the floor sanding and sealing works herself, with poor results, and was asking many questions with regards to sanding/finishing/products etc.etc.

When she had last sanded/sealed the floor, [only 12 months ago] which is an original Pine Parquet Wood block floor, fitted in the diagonal herringbone pattern with no border approximately 90 years old, the area was, to cut a long story short, basically sanded and waxed, which had unquestionably been applied too thickly by our client, [a common DIY mistake] which was the reason the floor looked blotchy, felt sticky all the time, was difficult/impossible to clean and attracted dirt like bee's to a honeypot...[picture below] 

This picture [above] was taken about 30 minutes or so after we started sanding the floor, and you can clearly see the high traffic area's in the middle of the picture which were basically bare wood as the old seal had completely worn through.

The picture below is the floor in its finished condition, immediately after the 3rd coat of lacquer had been applied to this floor.

 Our client had specified a high traffic lacquered finish for this project, and in this case we applied 1 x coat of a solvent based primer to seal in any wax residues and negate any contamination of the new lacquered finish, this was then followed by 2 coats of Lobadur WS 2K Fusion which is a high performance 2 part lacquer, famed for its durability, which looked superb and will serve our client well for many a long day.

Looks a bit different from the first picture doesn't it !

Thanks for reading...Regards Gary

Monday, 7 November 2011

Parquet Block Floor Sanding Wirral

This is a Brown Teak parquet block floor in its finished condition, much to my shame we never took a picture or Video of the floor/room in its pre-sand condition.

In my rather flimsy defence, we did have a fair bit of work to do before we even started sanding the floor, as 75% of the first row of border blocks around the perimeter of the room were loose, this was caused by the client removing the gripper happens a lot.

So we had to clean the blocks off and re-adhere them all back into position before we could start with the sanding works...well thats my excuse for forgetting to take a 'before' picture, and i'm sticking to it.

Rest assured the floor was looking much the worse for wear and really did need the full sand and seal treatment, which we of course gave it.

Kind thanks to our client Annabel for her kind hospitality over the course of a long day.