Thursday, 16 February 2012

How Many Coats of Primer Do I Apply on a Wooden Floor ?

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The question asked today is: "How Many Coats of Primer Do I Apply on a Wooden Floor ? "

The person who asked this question didn't say what type of primer they were using, but whether or not the primer in question was a Solvent based primer, an Oil based primer or a water based primer you only EVER put on one coat.

Obviously the wood floor you are applying the primer to needs to be properly prepared before application, the primer seals the timber floor in readiness for the subsequent coats of finish which will be applied to the floor.

If you are using an oil based primer then you must only used an oil as the next coat.

If you are using a water based primer you must only apply a water based lacquer as the subsequent coats, never use an oil over a water based primer, it WILL fail - Oil and Water don't mix.

If you use a Solvent based primer the strong likelihood is that you can use either a Water Based finish or an Oil/Waxoil to finish your project.

If you are un sure of any of the information in this blog always read the product manufacturers instructions.

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